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Are your teeth a pain in the neck


Clenching and grinding the teeth is usually a symptom of worry or anxiety. It’s an unconscious habit and occurs during sleep time which is why the problem can be so insidious.

Long term grinding not only damages your teeth, the pressure of clenching can lead to deviation in the joint responsible for opening and closing your mouth, the TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint)

Unfortunately, the changes which occur as a result of grinding one’s teeth is often the true cause of your postural problems which leads to neck, shoulder, hip and lower back problems.

Spinal Manipulation offers relief of these symptoms substantially by freeing up stiff joints and easing muscle tension. Massage, acupuncture and cranial-sacral therapy work to realign the jaw and reduce tension in the scalp. 

However, the simple truth is if you grind your teeth you will never truly be free of posture and back problems unless you can interrupt the habit. This is often achieved by obtaining a retainer or mouth guard from your dentist. This device will be a perfect match to the teeth of your upper jaw and will help protect your teeth and interrupt your habit of clenching and grinding which usually occurs when you are asleep.

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