Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation

Back Pain Relief


Your spine is a column of semi movable joints which allow you to bend move and rotate your body in all directions. If healthy movement is lost between any of these joints either through injury or bad posture the joints can become locked or fixated which leads to pain stiffness and reduced flexibility.

Prior to your treatment you will receive the following

  •  A thorough assessment of your problem and lifestyle factors
  •  A biomechanical assessment (lower limb function)
  •  Postural assessment (upper body carriage)
  • ·Gait analysis (the way you walk)

Treatment consists of a series of manual manipulations designed to isolate and correct dysfunctional movement of the spine and peripheral joints. This is done by applying a specific force at a precise location to restore healthy movement to a joint which may be locked or fixated restoring strength flexibility and balance. 

A loud cracking sound often accompanies such techniques. This is perfectly normal and is nothing to be concerned about. Your therapist will explain everything to you before your treatment

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Restoring healthy movement between the joints of the neck and spine is often all that is needed to relieve back pain. Spinal manipulation is an effective solution.

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